Our Story

Real gin for real gin lovers

It seems as though many distillers have forgotten what gin is really about. With complicated infusions and flavours that don’t sing, but shout, these days juniper is being obscured rather than celebrated.

But with Juni 93 we’ve taken gin back to its origins and produced a traditional, small-batch London Dry, as it should be. Juni 93 is a gin for real gin lovers; it’s expertly crafted from our home-grown Serbian juniper berries, bringing the flavour of juniper out from the wings and back into the spotlight. And, typical of a London Dry, it’s made with all-natural ingredients, unsweetened, and blended only with water. Juni 93 really is as pure as it gets.

Like gin. Love juniper. Adore Juni 93.

Our berries

Our organic Serbian juniper berries make Juni 93 pure, fresh, and extra special. Watched by the quiet magnificence of the surrounding mountains, our junipers grow wild in the highlands of Pešter at almost 5,000 feet above sea level. Every berry is handpicked and sorted by local workers, with only the best carried down to our distillery. Here we painstakingly lay out the berries to dry in the hot Serbian air, turning them carefully by hand and waiting until they’re just perfect. It’s only then that we begin to make our gin.

While other distillers import their juniper, we’re unique in that we grow our own – and we’re even more unique for growing and distilling in Serbia. But after finding Serbian juniper to be better even than world-renowned Tuscan berries, why would we go anywhere else?

Distilled at source in Serbia

Rather than transport our berries over a thousand miles back to England, we’ve made our home in Serbia. In the early days of Juni 93 we travelled there together to meet the locals and start our work, building a thriving community around the picking, drying, and distillation of our gin. By educating our team about the gin-making process, we’ve created an authentic London Dry with a flavour of the Serbian wilderness. There’s nothing quite like it.

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